Ana Silva / December


Visiting Practitioner Program

Specialists in different wellness practices visit Octant Douro to offer personalized treatments. A unique experience on the banks of the Douro River.

60 min ⋅ € 85
Yoga is a practice that aims to achieve harmony of body, mind and spirit. To achieve this, it combines movements and postures (asanas), breathing work (pranayama) and meditation, which will promote serenity and inner peace.
Each practice is adapted to the student's objectives and characteristics, with no two practices being the same.

60 min ⋅ € 75
Yoga Nidra means Yoga Sleep. It is a state of total body relaxation, where the practitioner becomes increasingly aware of the inner world when following instructions. It is a little different from meditation, where only a single focus is needed. It is a deep sleep, where you are conscious, that is, in this practice the state is awake, it goes beyond the dream and we are awake during a state of Deep Sleep.

60 min ⋅ € 85
Method that uses an aerial fabric securely attached to the ceiling where postures and fluid sequences similar to those practiced on the mat are practiced, thus making it possible for even the most demanding postures to be done and practiced easily by everyone, from beginners to more advanced. Aerial yoga works with gravity to relax, align the body, center the mind, and uplift the spirit.

60 min ⋅ € 120 | 90 min ⋅ € 180
Therapy that uses Tibetan bowls to create vibrations directed to the patient's body.
Throughout the massage, the bowls are touched and sometimes placed on the patient's body, creating deep relaxation, relieving stress and creating well-being. As the sound waves penetrate the body, they help to stimulate circulation, relieve pain and promote balance.

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